Corrosion at Blue Heron Mill

This is a close-up of one of the many decomposing tanks and infrastructure at the old Blue Heron Mill. Fortunately they give tours of the mill now, as so many hooligan-types were sneaking in to take pictures of nature doing it’s thing. See what they are soon planning to do with the once-derelict site at

KPTV FOX News 12 with Amy Troy

Amy Troy is a University of Oregon grad who started her career at TV stations in Bend and Eugene. I think she has a really upbeat method to her delivery; Amy always seems to bring a contagiously good attitude to the newsdesk.

Holiday Customs II

A different angle on Jared Johnson’s Yamaha bobber (Holiday Customs).

KPTV FOX News 12 with Wayne Garcia

Wayne Garcia (@WayneGarciaKPTV) is one of the awesome news anchors on KPDX TV FOX 12. Such a professional, easy manner in front of the camera, this guy. Just a natural; but I guess this should be expected from someone who’s been in the broadcasting business since high school. You can see some more examples of the images I helped create for the KPTV team over at

Wedding photography - Peter and David

Being that it’s legal and all now, I probably won’t be any extra excited about shooting gay weddings than I already am for straight weddings in the future… but HEY! For now I’m excited! As a wedding photographer, I can finally say that I shot a gay wedding! And it was awesome event; . Super-short but filled with the same scope of emotions and opportunities. I’m proud, dammit.

Grain Elevator

One of the more recent grain elevators out in Eastern Oregon. When I say recent, I mean less than one hundred or so years old. The really old ones were made out of wood, and were absolute behemoths. These metal-sided containers are still pretty massive, but not nearly as cool. Hey, I’ll take a photo of it for the archives though.

#400 - Rural Disobedience

Sometimes the most mundane things find a way to say so much with so little.