1x1.trans Light Nap

The rain’s back; guess I’ll take a nap…

1x1.trans Redwoods National Park   Panorama

These trees are far too tall for the traditional photo format, so I stitched a few shots together in order to try and capture the perspective a little better.

1x1.trans Idle hands
1x1.trans Reyka Vodka
Trying to do a little dark-field photography of some of my favorite liquors. Rule number one? GET RID OF DUST. I was amazed how much dust shows up in this style of studio lighting.
1x1.trans Busy bee
I can’t help but notice these things. The lavender outside of my studio building is in full effect and about thirty bees were busy collecting some of the best pollen around. Damn, I bet that’s going to be some good honey.
1x1.trans Pistol whipped

Classic Cherry Dollface, circa 2007.