Arthur knows best

Just look at this guy. Arthur, just look at him. He’s outstanding, and he knows it.

 New Coca Cola sign no more

This crusty old metal Coca-Cola sign was something I found laying in the dust of East Las Vegas. There’s a little paint still hanging on, but for the most part it’s camouflaged against the desert floor.

14620525581 d1f22abeb1 Catnip flowers
 Still Life with no Woodpecker

One of the loneliest piles of garbage I’ve ever seen… I had to get a photo once I noticed the hawk in the background.

14388233050 0bde6da9ca Gas Face

14569986175 8759aa8cb5 b Looking up from Flat Rock Butte (5000 ft)

Hard to believe that’s mostly stars instead of noise, right? Canon 5D3, Sigma 8mm lens, 72-seconds at f/3.5Flat Rock Butte is in the Umatilla Nat’l Forest. We did not pack for those temps, unfortunately. Freezing bloody cold for June 22nd, and only furthers my respect for this amazing area.That’s the glow from the campfire near the top of the frame.

14538328736 e4815bc1fa Wear and tear