#400 - Rural Disobedience

Sometimes the most mundane things find a way to say so much with so little.

Left for the Sun

The buildings were empty, silent save for the whistling of wind through their bones. But the sky and placement of the clouds convinced me: this place is not yet entirely forgotten.

Mia Allen, down for the count!

No, I’m kidding. She’s fine. But the sun was pretty intense and the grass was not very soft that day; so she pulled of a pretty smooth pose, considering!

The Luxor

Shot on disposable film camera format (oh yeah): the impressive Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. So, are they texting aliens with that huge light-beam? What’s that for?

Father and  Son

Simple, no-frills portrait work. It’s the best way to capture those years before they grow up.

Cupcake and Cappuccino
Malene Jensen

Throwback Thursday? Let’s look back to the 2008 yesteryear with the great Danish model, Malene Jensen. This was a b-roll moment when she almost lost it with the giggles. Yay for candid moments!