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Avi and Melissa Haviv’s son Dylan is amazingly photogenic. See him shift from average toddler, to emo guitarist rock star, stand-up comedian, quarterback, to simply… HUNGRY!

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Amanda and Cody had a sweet ceremony at the Mcmenamin’s Edgefield Hotel Garden on July 23rd. I was honored to be their wedding¬†photographer– for such a straightforward and personal ceremony, this also happened to be one of the most fun receptions I’ve been a part of! From choreographed dance routines to tear-jerking toasts, their wedding was simply beautiful. Take a look at this gallery.

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Skye Velten

Skye Velten in Leavin’ – a set of images shot in the eastern Oregon Desert (2010) with the amazing model Skye Velten.
Model: Skye Velten
Makeup / Styling: Alicia Mariah Elfving (http://www.aliciaelfving.com/)
Photography: Kenneth Benjamin Reed, copyright 2011

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While taking a look atop Pelican Butte- which is near Klamath Falls, OR- I took a few photos of the Klingerman family. It was a short expedition, but the vista was pretty compelling nonetheless! Of course, there was no shortage of hamming it up for the camera from young Asher… That little guy was made for the camera, and he’ll jump at any opportunity to prove it! Good times. Oregon is beautiful.