31. January 2012 · Comments Off on #8 – Wait for it
#8 - Wait for it

A number of abandoned buildings, barns, homesteads, and other leftover bits of humanity quickly become a haven for all kinds of animals. Owls, especially. I silently steadied myself against this hole and waited till it woke up and looked… right… at me!

30. January 2012 · Comments Off on #7 – Home Sweet Homestead
#7 - Home Sweet Homestead

Another view of the hard-to-spot homestead, on approach.  It was fascinating the way the “feel” of this place could change based on the angle, the position of the sun, or your proximity to it.  Makes one wonder about the many memories those slowly deteriorating walls must hold, and the secrets they keep.

28. January 2012 · Comments Off on #6 – Little House in the Canyon
#6 - Little House in the Canyon

This abandoned homestead was barely even visible from the road; it is a wonder we spotted it in the first place.  Void of any kind of driveway, we parked the car alongside the road and forged our own foot-path through the brush to get a closer look.  This was the view upon our descent…

27. January 2012 · Comments Off on #5 – Hollow
#5 - Hollow

A different view of the schoolhouse out in Eastern Oregon, near Dufur. Gorgeous day for shooting such a wonderful old building. The post-production really brings out the emotional context of the location and the economic circumstances that have brought these great buildings to their present status.

25. January 2012 · Comments Off on #4 – School’s in session
#4 - School's in session

Another shot of the schoolhouse near Dufur, OR. There were a number of baby birds in some really delicate-looking nests in there, which was kind of amazing considering how windy it gets. And there aren’t any doors, so it’s pretty windy inside, too. This was shot with a Lensbaby Composer, which is why the focal plane looks so wild. I really love that lens, especially for work like this. You should check them out sometime, right here in Portland, OR. Tell Keri I said hi!

24. January 2012 · Comments Off on #3 – Weathered Wood
#3 - Weathered Wood

The desert sun and wind can wreak havoc on wood, but at the same time- there’s a beautiful quality to this natural erosion. The stark contrast fits the mood and the location uniquely.

22. January 2012 · Comments Off on #2 – Desert Paint
#2 - Desert Paint

This is one of the more vivid scenes of industrial leftovers I came across in the Eastern Oregon desert. The years of sun and wind have seriously taken a toll on this old thresher or other piece of farm equipment. But at the same time, it’s pretty amazing looking, too.