30. April 2012 · Comments Off on #68 – On the Prairie
#68 - On the Prairie

One stark, standing house. The wind wasn’t bothered one bit by the arrangement. The inhabitants, it seemed, had an entirely different opinion.

29. April 2012 · Comments Off on #67 – Black Forest Cake
#67 - Black Forest Cake

Shot originally in 2009, Julie Bolene models one of Heather Birch’s amazing latex designs. Hair and MUA by Alicia Elfving. Photography by Kenneth Benjamin Reed, the photographer you need.

27. April 2012 · Comments Off on #66 – Showdown’s Over, Folks
#66 - Showdown's Over, Folks

Deep in the heart of Eastern Oregon, a lone relic of an ancient shootout lays between nearby hills. Bullet holes punched both in and out of this old delivery van- long, long ago. Styling by Alicia Elfving.

26. April 2012 · Comments Off on #65 – Future Rose
#65 - Future Rose

Model Rose Ayers rocking the Modernist look. Shot near the Seed Building in Portland, OR.

24. April 2012 · Comments Off on #64 – A Certain Stride in His Step
#64 - A Certain Stride in His Step

A beautiful day out at the Mcmenamin’s Edgefield Brewery, which is known for great weddings. Be sure to look for the tiniest whisky and cigar bar- one of the last “bars” in Oregon that permits smoking. As long as it’s a good cigar, that is!

23. April 2012 · Comments Off on #63 – Aftermath
#63 - Aftermath

An abandoned complex in Oregon, explored by all manner of people after it was abandoned several years ago. Peaceful, now.

21. April 2012 · Comments Off on #62 – The Escape
#62 - The Escape

Beautiful wedding. Wardrobe, food, entertainment- all done with creative flair at this wedding in downtown Portland, OR. Finally the bride and groom get to escape in their horse-drawn carriage…