31. August 2012 · Comments Off on #150 – The Boys
#150 - The Boys

Will be boys, no matter the age.

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30. August 2012 · Comments Off on #149 – Wedding Decor
#149 - Wedding Decor

The details, the decorations- Although not the most popular wedding photos, I really enjoy capturing the details that are often looked over in the portraits and ceremony photos. A lot of love goes into a wedding…

28. August 2012 · Comments Off on #148 – Sneak a Kiss
#148 - Sneak a Kiss

Weddings always bring out the cutest candid moments. It’s not posed, but it’s more than perfect…

27. August 2012 · Comments Off on #147 – Bride and bridesmaids
#147 - Bride and bridesmaids

Wedding parties in the summer sun! This is what makes for great weddings. That and good friends to share it with!

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25. August 2012 · Comments Off on #146 – Model: Caity Kiley
#146 - Model: Caity Kiley

Senior portraits can be way more interesting than the typical portraits. From casual to strong, relaxed to formal- a good portrait really is nothing more than a glimpse at what makes you unique. I pride myself on caring about you and your world, so I can portray you best. A lot of studios just follow a formula when shooting portraits, which is why so many people dislike their portraits. Don’t let this happen to you, hire me.

24. August 2012 · Comments Off on #145 – Model: Cherry Dollface
#145 - Model: Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface is already a legend. This is an early photo I pulled off with some seriously talented help. She doesn’t always look this mad, I promise. But when she needs to, she does it WELL! photographer: Kenneth Benjamin Reed, Stylist/MUA: Alicia Elfving

22. August 2012 · Comments Off on #144 – Shooting Star
#144 - Shooting Star

Playing with a tilt-shift in SW Portland.