Custom motorcycle wheels come in all sorts of flavors, but I think the spokes are the most classy.

Poker Face?

The trickster coyote often works in a group to overwhelm and/or snatch from their prey.

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The road to anywhere

Just recently returned from a really fun project that involved driving over 3500 miles through the Nevada “outback”. More images on the way!

The Exercise Pen

Well this isn’t exactly a “pen”, I know… If I understand correctly, this was actually an area for a select number of patients of Fairview Training Center to get some nice… you know, outdoor exposure (without actually visually exposing them to any other nearby individuals, of course). So essentially an exercise pen, if you will.

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Bathroom break

An old image from a creepy bathroom inside the Fairview Training Center, originally established in 1907 as the State Institution for the Feeble-Minded.

The Hook

Being a good vendor means, first and foremost, keeping your client entertained. Having a business-casual-ninja on hand is one method.

The Look

More appreciation of the wet-plate process, this time with Meredith Adelaide (and glorious headpiece by the House of Kat Swank).