That isn’t his tag on the wall, but it fits the scene nicely.

Dirt Surfing

This old abandoned house looks like it’s surfing on the soft dirt swell beneath it.

And The Landlord Taketh Away

Interior image of a long lost roof, likely once a stable part of a farmer or rancher’s home. This is out in Eastern Oregon near the Ochoco National Forest. There were obviously a few tenants around still making use of the structure, but they weren’t up for talk about the matter; most of them just flew off when I approached. The rest scurried underground.

Corrosion at Blue Heron Mill

This is a close-up of one of the many decomposing tanks and infrastructure at the old Blue Heron Mill. Fortunately they give tours of the mill now, as so many hooligan-types were sneaking in to take pictures of nature doing it’s thing. See what they are soon planning to do with the once-derelict site at

Left for the Sun

The buildings were empty, silent save for the whistling of wind through their bones. But the sky and placement of the clouds convinced me: this place is not yet entirely forgotten.

Ghost Church Revisited

I really love the look of this old church. The community has spent many years keeping it safe, and the trees around it have really overgrown, making it somewhat hard to find. Probably the most peaceful church I’ve ever visited.

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Jolly New Ghosts

This old homestead has a great face to it, despite the years.