Still Life with no Woodpecker

One of the loneliest piles of garbage I’ve ever seen… I had to get a photo once I noticed the hawk in the background.


©2014KennethBenjaminReedThe River Queen was moored along the banks of the Willamette river in downtown Portland for decades. She’s now moored on the Columbia, in a ghostly sort of way. More information at

Radio call letters: WH6754
Built: San Francisco, CA, 1922.
Length: 216′ 7″
Beam: 63′ 8″
Draft: 12′
Speed: 13 knots
Horsepower: 1200
Propulsion: Steam
Autos: 55  Passengers: 468  Gross Tonnage: 919
Name Translation: Shasta is taken from the mountain of the same name in northern California.
This is actually four images stitched together; a larger version is available at
#492 - Scurvy

Oh, the places you’ve been!

#491 - Beach Landing

Well, maybe not. This old boat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But I do enjoy the new paint scheme the forest is applying…

#490 - Green Machine

This old tractor was found in the woods near Highway 26, with a small forest of young trees growing up all around (and through) it. It’s kind of amazing how well the green paint has stood the test of time, considering how old this thing is!

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It’s time to head out east again, looking for old dry ghosts…

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The Whale

I love Eastern Oregon. This wood is completely weathered out from the intense dryness and brutal, constant sun. I noticed the face in this board, looking somewhat like a whale. Portrait, taken.