22. April 2016 · Comments Off on Kubrick’s Breezeway
Kubrick's Breezeway

Stanley Kubrick was all about the single-point perspective.

This sort of framing really pulls you into his story… kind of like hearing a decommissioned (and likely insane) HAL9000 self-actualizing computer sing for you:

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16. April 2016 · Comments Off on Moments in Brutalist Architecture
Moments in Brutalist Architecture

This building, oh… this crazy old building.

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17. March 2016 · Comments Off on Right Angles
Right Angles
16. December 2015 · Comments Off on Dirt Surfing
Dirt Surfing

This old abandoned house looks like it’s surfing on the soft dirt swell beneath it.

10. July 2015 · Comments Off on Grain Elevator
Grain Elevator

One of the more recent grain elevators out in Eastern Oregon. When I say recent, I mean less than one hundred or so years old. The really old ones were made out of wood, and were absolute behemoths. These metal-sided containers are still pretty massive, but not nearly as cool. Hey, I’ll take a photo of it for the archives though.

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24. June 2015 · Comments Off on Sunkissed

Grain elevator in Eastern Oregon.

24. June 2015 · Comments Off on Jacob’s Ladder
Jacob's Ladder

Likewise, this amazing grain elevator was confirmed to have been dismantled since I last checked in on it. Dang biggest structure for miles around, and I never even got to look at the inside!