07. February 2012 · Comments Off on #12 – Reach For the Sky
#12 - Reach For the Sky

Behind the little house in the canyon, a lone tree stands against the backdrop of a blue-grey sky, mid-trunk deep in a sea of prairie weeds.  The grayed and brittle lichen-covered tree has a sort of quiet desperation about it; like the abandoned homestead, the tree is a victim of the elements that once nourished it.  Just as the home, the tree still stands…it’s jagged and broken branches still reaching for the sky, in a futile (yet beautiful) plea for rain.

05. February 2012 · Comments Off on #11 – A Touch of Chartreuse
#11 - A Touch of Chartreuse

Spotted on a portion of fence that was still standing in the overgrown front yard of the little house in the canyon; a bright swipe of chartreuse-colored lichen, which stood out in lovely contrast against the aged and bone-dry fence posts.