Right Angles
Grain Elevator

One of the more recent grain elevators out in Eastern Oregon. When I say recent, I mean less than one hundred or so years old. The really old ones were made out of wood, and were absolute behemoths. These metal-sided containers are still pretty massive, but not nearly as cool. Hey, I’ll take a photo of it for the archives though.

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Left for the Sun

The buildings were empty, silent save for the whistling of wind through their bones. But the sky and placement of the clouds convinced me: this place is not yet entirely forgotten.

Barbwire in rolls

I first came across this bit of desolation near Kent, OR back in 2012.

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12. February 2015 · Comments Off on Jolly New Ghosts
Jolly New Ghosts

This old homestead has a great face to it, despite the years.

17. July 2014 · Comments Off on New Coca Cola sign no more
New Coca Cola sign no more

This crusty old metal Coca-Cola sign was something I found laying in the dust of East Las Vegas. There’s a little paint still hanging on, but for the most part it’s camouflaged against the desert floor.

05. July 2014 · Comments Off on Still Life with no Woodpecker
Still Life with no Woodpecker

One of the loneliest piles of garbage I’ve ever seen… I had to get a photo once I noticed the hawk in the background.