Merry Christmas!

A little Gothic-American style family portrait at the Klingerman-Reed homestead. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, too.

Father and  Son

Simple, no-frills portrait work. It’s the best way to capture those years before they grow up.

Toddler Comedy

I couldn’t really understand Dylan when he had the mic. I think he was all “Why’s a building still called a building even after the whole construction bit is waaaaaay finished?”

10. August 2012 · Comments Off on #136 – Nice Display
#136 - Nice Display

They really went all-out for the table arrangements. Just beautiful.

09. August 2012 · Comments Off on #135 – Sea-Themed Cake
#135 - Sea-Themed Cake

Interesting concept. And delicious.

07. August 2012 · Comments Off on #134 – Cupcakes Too
#134 - Cupcakes Too

That’s one fine looking cake. Idyllic, even.

06. August 2012 · Comments Off on #133 – The MIB
#133 - The MIB

Pretty cool, I’ll give ’em that.