14. June 2016 · Comments Off on The Look
The Look

More appreciation of the wet-plate process, this time with Meredith Adelaide (and glorious headpiece by the House of Kat Swank).

21. May 2016 · Comments Off on Wetplate Mermaid
Wetplate Mermaid

The beautiful Emma Pelett of #PortlandNightMarket in an impromptu mermaid-themed shoot from 2010. Of course, sweet headpiece by the amazing House of Kat Swank.

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10. March 2016 · Comments Off on Did you say, German Expressionism?
Did you say, German Expressionism?

Dipping into the past shoots, to see if there are any sweet old trap queen images I haven’t gotten around to sharing with you dear peeps. Found this great take from a 2008 Film Noir styled photoshoot, with Saron Nehf (model) and Alicia Elfving (style).

25. January 2016 · Comments Off on Reflection, interrupted
Reflection, interrupted

Early Cara Mia shoot; circa 2008. Side note, I really enjoyed the effect that the reflections off the steel siding gave…

09. December 2015 · Comments Off on Soft winter fur
Soft winter fur

Flashback to 2010; This was from a really simple but wonderful angora-fur shoot with Kate Troedsson.

30. June 2015 · Comments Off on Mia Allen, down for the count!
Mia Allen, down for the count!

No, I’m kidding. She’s fine. But the sun was pretty intense and the grass was not very soft that day; so she pulled of a pretty smooth pose, considering!

25. June 2015 · Comments Off on Malene Jensen
Malene Jensen

Throwback Thursday? Let’s look back to the 2008 yesteryear with the great Danish model, Malene Jensen. This was a b-roll moment when she almost lost it with the giggles. Yay for candid moments!