09. December 2015 · Comments Off on Soft winter fur
Soft winter fur

Flashback to 2010; This was from a really simple but wonderful angora-fur shoot with Kate Troedsson.

25. June 2015 · Comments Off on Malene Jensen
Malene Jensen

Throwback Thursday? Let’s look back to the 2008 yesteryear with the great Danish model, Malene Jensen. This was a b-roll moment when she almost lost it with the giggles. Yay for candid moments!

25. June 2015 · Comments Off on Emergency Entrance
Emergency Entrance

The lovely Saron Nehf making an emergency entrance. “The point about working is not to produce great stuff all the time, but to remain ready for when you can.” – Brian Eno

05. June 2015 · Comments Off on Mia Allen, in your face
Mia Allen, in your face

A flashback to a great location portrait shoot for the talented Mia Allen. Sure, I went a little blind making this shot happen… but dig that glow!

21. May 2015 · Comments Off on Throwback Thursday: Princess Salwa Aga Khan
Throwback Thursday: Princess Salwa Aga Khan

Let’s take it back to 2008. My (only) shoot with the mega-talented Princess Salwa Aga Khan, but back in the day. With Gasoline Glamour glasses, even. Grrr!

22. August 2014 · Comments Off on Pistol-whipped

Classic Cherry Dollface, circa 2007.

30. July 2014 · Comments Off on A Cara Mia Sunset
A Cara Mia Sunset

Hey it’s throwback WEEK over here while I continue to sift through some great old images. This is an older shot of model Cara Mia, shot near the Mississippi neighborhood (Portland, OR) back in 2010. She’s got a bit more ink these days and is still doing tons of great modeling, I understand. Once I get a grip on this workflow of mine, I look forward to doing more casual, fun work like this shoot.