24. June 2015 · Comments Off on Barbwire in rolls
Barbwire in rolls

I first came across this bit of desolation near Kent, OR back in 2012.

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19. September 2014 · Comments Off on Reyka Vodka
Reyka Vodka
Trying to do a little dark-field photography of some of my favorite liquors. Rule number one? GET RID OF DUST. I was amazed how much dust shows up in this style of studio lighting.
03. February 2012 · Comments Off on #10 – Keep the Shade In
#10 - Keep the Shade In

Whereas the rest of the other windows in the little house in the canyon were at least partially broken, this window was completely intact.  To further add to the intrigue of this window was the lace curtain adorning the interior and obscuring the view of the demolished and deteriorating kitchen within.  This particular window is almost like a window into the past, and gives a glimpse into what this home may have been like long before circumstance forced its abandonment.