A lone steel cable hangs from the rafters… visited mostly by just the wind, dust, and spiders.

26. September 2013 · Comments Off on Vigilence

It’s time to head out east again, looking for old dry ghosts…

13. March 2012 · Comments Off on #36 – Land Surfing
#36 - Land Surfing

This old farmhouse has either been moving or the ground itself has…

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12. March 2012 · Comments Off on #35 – High Water Mark
#35 - High Water Mark

Not entirely sure what the story is, here. It looks like someone built a building next to a wash, ravine, or small canyon. Weather did what it all too often does so well, and caught them by surprise one day. As you can see, the back of the building has fallen into the ravine.

10. March 2012 · Comments Off on #34 – Cold Front
#34 - Cold Front

Near the old Shoe-Tree sat this imposing old building. We didn’t go much closer to it than this.

09. March 2012 · Comments Off on #33 – Of Course, Of Course
#33 - Of Course, Of Course

What a great moment:

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06. March 2012 · Comments Off on #31 – Good Day for a Shootout
#31 - Good Day for a Shootout

This old house has seen some better days.

The front door is riddled with shotgun blasts and the front porch (or is that the roof of the front porch?) has completely collapsed.

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