Poker Face?

The trickster coyote often works in a group to overwhelm and/or snatch from their prey.

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The Exercise Pen

Well this isn’t exactly a “pen”, I know… If I understand correctly, this was actually an area for a select number of patients of Fairview Training Center to get some nice… you know, outdoor exposure (without actually visually exposing them to any other nearby individuals, of course). So essentially an exercise pen, if you will.

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24. May 2016 · Comments Off on Ridin’ the Hot Air Whip

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Ridin' the hot-air whip
Newburg and the Willamette Valley, represent!

23. May 2016 · Comments Off on Prayers

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Prayer wheels a ‘rollin in the Mandala Garden at Tashi Choling Center for Buddhist Studies (near Hilt, CA).

27. April 2016 · Comments Off on Maybe it’s built that way
Maybe it's built that way

…maybe it’s just pentagrams?

22. April 2016 · Comments Off on Kubrick’s Breezeway
Kubrick's Breezeway

Stanley Kubrick was all about the single-point perspective.

This sort of framing really pulls you into his story… kind of like hearing a decommissioned (and likely insane) HAL9000 self-actualizing computer sing for you:

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18. April 2016 · Comments Off on Mild Exodus
Mild Exodus

This is not a photo of a marathon.

Really just a matter of timing, this shot was taken shortly after the drawbridge had been let back down.

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