This building, though not very easy to tell, is perched right on the edge of a small canyon. Likely it used to be a simple river, but erosion made the banks drop down at a precipitous angle. I have tried to find the exact location again this past June, but I think it might have completely fallen in by now. Nature wins.

 Still Life with no Woodpecker

One of the loneliest piles of garbage I’ve ever seen… I had to get a photo once I noticed the hawk in the background.

14388233050 0bde6da9ca Gas Face

 Let me paint your portrait with this camera

Another great open house at North Coast Seed Building this year. This time I made some portraits for the willing, and summarily turned seventeen of the photos into paintings. Thanks for coming down! The 17 images are in the gallery.

 Solar Decay

This year’s excursion into the arid Eastern Oregon wastelands farmlands was a great success; more images to come. The general effects of Wind and Solar decay on the old homesteads and ghost towns is both haunting and beautiful. The effect in this one image was actually a technical error, but I really enjoy what happened.

 Silver Falls Field Trip

Earlier last month I got the chance to join my son’s third grade class on an overnight field trip to Silver Falls, OR. We had a great time hiking, sharing ghost stories, making S’mores, flying kites, looking for planets and stars in the night sky, … you know, all the that typically awesome third-grade stuff. Today is the last day of school for his class and their awesome teacher, Ms. Henning, who’s moving on to greener pastures as well. Thank you all for a great time! 21 more images to look through in the gallery.

4b9b580898cc11e3b4cb0a0d88bf3520 8 Natures sandblaster

Beach sand and strong wind shapes things quite nicely. via Instagram