New Lost Vegas

The New York, New York hotel in Las Vegas. Both somehow fitting, and a little disconnected at the same time…


This building, though not very easy to tell, is perched right on the edge of a small canyon. Likely it used to be a simple river, but erosion made the banks drop down at a precipitous angle. I have tried to find the exact location again this past June, but I think it might have completely fallen in by now. Nature wins.

 Still Life with no Woodpecker

One of the loneliest piles of garbage I’ve ever seen… I had to get a photo once I noticed the hawk in the background.

14388233050 0bde6da9ca Gas Face

14353418998 d1bcfe404d b Slow Down, Peter Kim

2014 North Coast Seed Building Open House.
This is a photo I took of my long-time bud PK, doing what he does best. Digital photo turned oil painting.
 Let me paint your portrait with this camera

Another great open house at North Coast Seed Building this year. This time I made some portraits for the willing, and summarily turned seventeen of the photos into paintings. Thanks for coming down! The 17 images are in the gallery.

 And Duchenne smiled...

The more I shoot portraits, the more I realize that a good smile really starts with the eyes. Not just the thought behind the eyes, but the actual muscles around the eyes are more flexed when you actually smile. This is why saying “cheese” doesn’t cut it.