Pre-drought California

This was a vista from the fabulous voyage into deeper California with my buddy Mikah Sykes and (the infamous) Lazer, searching for yucca flowers in overdrive. It’s not you, no… it’s an inside joke. Just don’t eat all the dolmas, k?

Ghost Church Revisited

I really love the look of this old church. The community has spent many years keeping it safe, and the trees around it have really overgrown, making it somewhat hard to find. Probably the most peaceful church I’ve ever visited.

Latest Studio Headlines

Great studio shoot today for FOX 12 Oregon: Amy Troy, Mark Nelsen, Shauna Parsons, Wayne Garcia, Nick Krupke, Pete Ferryman, Kimberly Maus, and Tony Martinez came by the studio for updated ‪headshots‬. In fact, the talented anchors Nora Hart and Andy Carson finally met each other face to face for the first time, and in my studio no less! As Ice Cube would say… today was a good day.

Circle of Protection +1

Saw some people climbing around in this in their flip flops. Taking pictures, aloof to the moment.

It was a tense, but somehow peacefully balanced moment.

Jolly New Ghosts

This old homestead has a great face to it, despite the years.

Waiting at the AVALON

This was a candid shot from a engagement portrait session. I enjoyed the vivid colors so much I thought it would make a good oil painting, too.