2012 September 02 · Comments Off
1x1.trans #151   True Romance

Weddings bring out some incredibly cute candid moments… And it takes a talented photographer to capture them well. Now booking 2013 wedding, if you’re thinking about which photographer you want.

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1x1.trans #148   Sneak a Kiss

Weddings always bring out the cutest candid moments. It’s not posed, but it’s more than perfect…

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1x1.trans #134   Cupcakes Too

That’s one fine looking cake. Idyllic, even.

2012 July 26 · Comments Off
1x1.trans #126   Wedding Family Portrait

The Hernandez family, looking dapper.

2012 July 23 · Comments Off
1x1.trans #124   The Best Goobers

I love letting a crowd of people finish off a round of good portraits with one absurd one. Good times.

2012 July 16 · Comments Off
1x1.trans #119   Generations

Father and daughter.

2012 July 10 · Comments Off
1x1.trans #115   Marshall House Ceremony

Photographer: Kenneth Benjamin Reed