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Beach sand and strong wind shapes things quite nicely. via Instagram http://ift.tt/1kSwE2p

140216The SS Shasta River Queen©2014KennethBenjaminReed The SS Shasta (River Queen)The River Queen was moored along the banks of the Willamette river in downtown Portland for decades. She’s now moored on the Columbia, in a ghostly sort of way. More information at evergreenfleet.com:

Radio call letters: WH6754
Built: San Francisco, CA, 1922.
Length: 216′ 7″
Beam: 63′ 8″
Draft: 12′
Speed: 13 knots
Horsepower: 1200
Propulsion: Steam
Autos: 55  Passengers: 468  Gross Tonnage: 919
Name Translation: Shasta is taken from the mountain of the same name in northern California.
This is actually four images stitched together; a larger version is available at www.flickr.com/photos/youloveben.
 #493   Headbutt

Yep, that’s me. Headbutting a gate. But… a large tree actually did the damage. I’m just posing. Photo by Peter Kim.

 The Anteater

I still haven’t figured out what this is… combine part? Old buggy suspension? Any ideas?

 Alt J at the Crystal Ballroom

Another great show at Mcmenamin’s Crystal Ballroom. Alt J is an amazing band, and I have thirty-three images in the gallery of them for you to enjoy. The more I use black and white for shows, the more I prefer it! What do you think?

 The Neighborhood at the Crystal Ballroom

Great show at McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom. This week is 94.7′s December to Remember, and the line-up of musicians is just outstanding. Sunday night featured The Neighborhood, so I’ve got a load of images over at the gallery for you to check out: http://kennethbenjaminreed.com/on-location/20131201-D2R-Neighborhood/index.html. More shots to come throughout the week!

 Photosynthetic Graffiti

I love Lichens. Especially when they look like paint.