Custom motorcycle wheels come in all sorts of flavors, but I think the spokes are the most classy.

Wall of Smoke

Some Portland firefighters stand just outside of a thick wall of smoke at a controlled residential burn. It was pretty cool to watch, especially the guys chainsawing into the roof for positive ventilation. A little too smokey for a good shot of those guys!

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Newburg and the Willamette Valley, represent!

Maybe it's built that way

…maybe it’s just pentagrams?

Kubrick's Breezeway

Stanley Kubrick was all about the single-point perspective.

This sort of framing really pulls you into his story… kind of like hearing a decommissioned (and likely insane) HAL9000 self-actualizing computer sing for you:

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Mild Exodus

This is not a photo of a marathon.

Really just a matter of timing, this shot was taken shortly after the drawbridge had been let back down.

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Moments in Brutalist Architecture

This building, oh… this crazy old building.

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