15. June 2016 · Comments Off on The Hook
The Hook

Being a good vendor means, first and foremost, keeping your client entertained. Having a business-casual-ninja on hand is one method.

16. February 2016 · Comments Off on Noah Stolmaker (in monochrome oil paint)
Noah Stolmaker (in monochrome oil paint)

Had a good shoot with Noah for his new marketing campaign. Afterwards, I noticed a little extra artistic potential in this shot… so I made an oil painting with it.

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29. June 2015 · Comments Off on Father and Son
Father and  Son

Simple, no-frills portrait work. It’s the best way to capture those years before they grow up.

24. June 2015 · Comments Off on Bull Market Attire
Bull Market Attire

This is the talented Peter Kim, showing his enthusiasm with a full-on leap of faith.

09. April 2015 · Comments Off on Latest Studio Headlines
Latest Studio Headlines

Great studio shoot today for FOX 12 Oregon: Amy Troy, Mark Nelsen, Shauna Parsons, Wayne Garcia, Nick Krupke, Pete Ferryman, Kimberly Maus, and Tony Martinez came by the studio for updated ‪headshots‬. In fact, the talented anchors Nora Hart and Andy Carson finally met each other face to face for the first time, and in my studio no less! As Ice Cube would say… today was a good day.

14. November 2014 · Comments Off on Waiting at the AVALON
Waiting at the AVALON

This was a candid shot from a engagement portrait session. I enjoyed the vivid colors so much I thought it would make a good oil painting, too.

21. August 2014 · Comments Off on Cannonball

‘Nuff said. Model: Peter Kim