2012 March 13 · Comments Off
 #36   Land Surfing

This old farmhouse has either been moving or the ground itself has…

Take a close look at the bottom right corner- doesn’t it look like the old thing is casually surfing on some gentle wave?

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 #35   High Water Mark

Not entirely sure what the story is, here. It looks like someone built a building next to a wash, ravine, or small canyon. Weather did what it all too often does so well, and caught them by surprise one day. As you can see, the back of the building has fallen into the ravine.

2012 March 10 · Comments Off
 #34   Cold Front

Near the old Shoe-Tree sat this imposing old building. We didn’t go much closer to it than this.

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 #33   Of Course, Of Course

What a great moment:

This lonely old horse was just hanging out in front of the the old cabin, and was really more interested in smelling my camera more than anything. Pretty thin and looking fairly bored, it certainly enjoyed the modest company that we afforded it- but a horse sniffing the lens just isn’t as interesting as it could be…

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 #31   Good Day for a Shootout

This old house has seen some better days.

The front door is riddled with shotgun blasts and the front porch (or is that the roof of the front porch?) has completely collapsed.

Like memories in bloom, the overgrown flowers keep singing their old yellow tune.

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 #30   Sun Grain

Something about thewear and tear of sun, wind, and time on wood…

I think these boards were cut from Pine, but I really don’t know Oak from Madrone.

Out here in the Eastern Oregon high desert, the wind-born sand and dust really tears up the softer parts of the cut boards. I dig the contrast.

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 #29   Rafters

They’ve been gone for untold years.

Frankly I don’t even remember what a year really means anymore, it’s all just day after day, season after season. But it’s been a very long time, that’s for sure.