11. June 2016 · Comments Off on Bees’ Knees
Bees' Knees

A little triptych of my parents’ bees, clustering around an inner-chamber opening in their hive. My pop had just removed some of the upper level in order to treat the bees for parasites. Glad I had a beekeeper’s suit on!

17. March 2016 · Comments Off on Right Angles
Right Angles
03. July 2015 · Comments Off on #400 – Rural Disobedience
#400 - Rural Disobedience

Sometimes the most mundane things find a way to say so much with so little.

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25. June 2015 · Comments Off on Down by the Dead End
Down by the Dead End

No all who wander are lost, but getting lost in this amazing part of eastern Oregon really isn’t half bad.

18. August 2014 · Comments Off on Beginner’s wheat
Beginner's wheat

Oregon’s Highway 97 is one of the more banal, yet beautiful routes to adventure on if you give it your attention and some extra time. A slow, meandering highway through Eastern Oregon, there are so many beautiful moments like this early wheat crop. It’s what inspired the original Windows XP desktop.

24. October 2012 · Comments Off on This Summer’s Visit to the Family Farm
This Summer's Visit to the Family Farm

This Summer’s Visit to the Family Farm was great- I haven’t been back home in (way too) many years. A family of artists like ours is rich in love, but poor in Airline miles. I shot much more than these, but I’m wanting to work on them a little further. This batch of images is a good, general representation of my experience back in North Carolina. It was actually decent weather, in that it was ‘cold’ for September. Ha! Beautiful area- I really wish I could’ve stayed longer.

08. April 2012 · Comments Off on #53 – Jenga
#53 - Jenga

The architecture speaks for itself- Just don’t pull any boards out of this one!