New Coca Cola sign no more

This crusty old metal Coca-Cola sign was something I found laying in the dust of East Las Vegas. There’s a little paint still hanging on, but for the most part it’s camouflaged against the desert floor.

140216The SS Shasta River Queen©2014KennethBenjaminReed The SS Shasta (River Queen)The River Queen was moored along the banks of the Willamette river in downtown Portland for decades. She’s now moored on the Columbia, in a ghostly sort of way. More information at

Radio call letters: WH6754
Built: San Francisco, CA, 1922.
Length: 216′ 7″
Beam: 63′ 8″
Draft: 12′
Speed: 13 knots
Horsepower: 1200
Propulsion: Steam
Autos: 55  Passengers: 468  Gross Tonnage: 919
Name Translation: Shasta is taken from the mountain of the same name in northern California.
This is actually four images stitched together; a larger version is available at
 #490   Green Machine

This old tractor was found in the woods near Highway 26, with a small forest of young trees growing up all around (and through) it. It’s kind of amazing how well the green paint has stood the test of time, considering how old this thing is!

 Jayda and Kenneth Benjamin Reeds portrait by Peter Kim

Jayda and I stopped by Medford’s Portal Brewing Company at the Central Firehall after our ceremony, for a quick flight of portraits (By the talented Peter Kim) and fine brews. I’ve been trying the Oil Painting abilities of Photoshop to create photo-realistic paintings. What do you think?

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 #62   The Escape

Beautiful wedding. Wardrobe, food, entertainment- all done with creative flair at this wedding in downtown Portland, OR. Finally the bride and groom get to escape in their horse-drawn carriage…

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 #55   The Hidden Church

I love when nature takes over and is left unchecked by civilization- It may hide or even destroy old architectural ruins, but something about the process is so intimate, so delicately balanced…

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 #54   Dead End

Just outside of Dufur, OR- a few miles east and south, you find this gem of a road sign. Good luck.