Great Scott!

“What the hell is a gigawatt?” – Marty McFly


A lone steel cable hangs from the rafters… visited mostly by just the wind, dust, and spiders.

Best Friends Forever

Throwing it back to 2010, with a fun ol’ concept-shoot of the ever-talented Kira Distler and her BFF, Turtie. These two have the kind of friendship where you can just see the love in their eyes. Okay you called it, it was really just a stuffed turtle. Fun shoot, anyway!

Right Angles
Did you say, German Expressionism?

Dipping into the past shoots, to see if there are any sweet old trap queen images I haven’t gotten around to sharing with you dear peeps. Found this great take from a 2008 Film Noir styled photoshoot, with Saron Nehf (model) and Alicia Elfving (style).

03. July 2015 · Comments Off on #400 – Rural Disobedience
#400 - Rural Disobedience

Sometimes the most mundane things find a way to say so much with so little.

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