Little Kisses

Here is the photo I was going for when Jayda took that behind-the-scenes photo below. Amanda and Cody are perfect for each other!

Ben in Action

A behind-the-scenes moment, captured by the amazing Jayda Klingerman-Reed. Cody and Amanda’s wedding was held at the Edgefield Hotel, which has an amazing variety of buildings and gardens for wedding portraits. We had a pretty fun time, but I think these two stole the show!

2013 August 28 · Comments Off on Jayda and Kenneth Benjamin Reed’s portrait by Peter Kim
Jayda and Kenneth Benjamin Reed's portrait by Peter Kim

Jayda and I stopped by Medford’s Portal Brewing Company at the Central Firehall after our ceremony, for a quick flight of portraits (By the talented Peter Kim) and fine brews. I’ve been trying the Oil Painting abilities of Photoshop to create photo-realistic paintings. What do you think?

2012 October 08 · Comments Off on Kat and Justin’s Wedding at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens
Kat and Justin's Wedding at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens

So if you know anything about Portland’s amazing Chinese Garden’s at 3rd and Everett, you likely already know that a wedding at the Lan Su Chinese Gardens is pretty awesome, simply because the gardens are freakin’ epic. Now include in this wedding matching, pixelated, his-and-hers tie and bow, a Portal ‘Companion Cube’ themed cake, and Gangnam-style groomsmen portraits.

2012 September 08 · Comments Off on #155 – Wedding Princesses
#155 - Wedding Princesses

Candid photos at weddings are great… especially when there’s kids involved!

2012 September 06 · Comments Off on #154 – Dr. Suess Wedding Cake
#154 - Dr. Suess Wedding Cake

This amazing wedding cake was created by Eugene, Oregon’s own Sweet Life Bakery. Pretty sure this was vegan, to top off the asymmetrical design. Yes, it was delicate. But what a great idea…

2012 September 02 · Comments Off on #151 – True Romance
#151 - True Romance

Weddings bring out some incredibly cute candid moments… And it takes a talented photographer to capture them well. Now booking 2013 wedding, if you’re thinking about which photographer you want.