Towards Tonopah

(If you’re just now tuning in, this is another installment that is part of an ongoing series. You can start at the beginning-


The road that leads out to Tonopah doesn’t look that different from the one that got you to Rhyolite… have you actually been driving in a circle?

Oh, right. Your map is decent, but faded. After studying it for a bit, you realize that this really is the same highway. It starts to sink in just how easy it is to get lost out in the open desert expanse; so many landmarks look so similar, almost like being on the open ocean. 

You glance down another dirt road heading east off this road… but quickly get over the idea. Sticking to these highways is much better than trying to detangle yourself from the spiderweb of dirt roads that lead off in every direction. You’ve given a few of those dusty roads a thought, but this map of yours would be almost useless out there. 

You get back in and drive. The mile markers slowly tick down the highway miles as you persist deep into the heart of Nevada.

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