{You.} Love, Ben.

You Got Lucky

(If you’re just now tuning in, this is another installment that is part of an ongoing series. You can start at the beginning- youloveben.com/choose-your-own-adventure)

Well, that was too close for comfort. Miles and miles into the horizon had finally caught up to your fuel supply, and when the low-fuel light finally got your attention… panic started to set in.

By some wild coincidence you notice an overturned fuel tank apparently rotting away in the dry lot of some sort of long-forgotten gas station. Although you feel apprehensive scrounging for fuel, you feel even more apprehensive about getting stuck in this desert.

The fuel tank itself is intact, even though it takes you a while to figure out how to open the filling port that’s nearly rusted solid. It finally gives way and screeches wildly as you manage to pry it ajar… and holy heck- it’s almost half full!

It takes an hour of scooping cup after cup of gas out of the fuel tank and carefully pouring it into your vehicle, but it’s worth the patience. The gas smells pretty old, but you cross your fingers, turn the ignition… and sure enough- the gas still does what you needed it do.

Yeah… you got lucky, bae.

You continue north as the sun starts to set, with the memory of that Tom Petty classic playing in your mind.

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